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Daniel Emanuel Avram



Drexel University


Drexel University

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering


Philadelphia, PA

June 2014

ACC International LLC.

Most Recent eCommerce Project

ACC International LLC.

Web Engineer; eCommerce Administrator


Reading, PA



Welcome to my webpage! Check out some of my current projects as well as past clients in my portfolio. I am currently in my third year of pursuing a bachelors of science in software engineering at Drexel University.

I am a developer/creator of: software, macros, webpages, and music.

Some of my computer skills include programming in: C++, JavaScript, UNIX, Perl, Java, VBA, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL

 Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Premiere Adobe After Effects

(Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite)

Apple Xcode Developing Tools Eclipse

(Apple Xcode Developer Tools and Eclipse)

Daniel Avram


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